Staying in a feast of creativity – Protecting my emotional state

Wall #7817
Wall #7817

Do you have trouble with distractions right when you are getting into a great creative place? When I am “in the groove” I am so focused and directed on what I am doing that time flies by, sometimes hours, without coming up for air. I seem to constantly know the next thing to do to get to where I am going even if I haven’t really thought about where that ultimate destination is. Everything seems to flow. Well, I love that place. When I find it, I don’t want to let it go. I am hungry and in the midst of a feast. A feast of productivity and creativity.

My creative juices dry up when I get judgmental about myself and what I am doing. So how does THAT happen?  Errr…. Screeching to a halt…. There’s not enough time in the day to go into HOW I can be such a critic of myself… BUT I can talk about what I do to overcome it. (BTW, I need this today…)

I am trying to prepare for a new photography exhibit…. And I am procrastinating. I’d like to do everything well in advance in a relaxed way, but something is interfering. It is my Inner Critic.

My critic says things like,

“You are all tapped out.”

“That’s been done.”

“This is a picture of debris. What were you thinking?”

“That’s not good. Neither is that. Don’t you have something better?”

“Maybe if you made that one really small it would be ok.”

“Maybe if you worked on that one it would be more interesting.”

“Maybe you should just do something altogether different.”

“These don’t look good together.”

“Your color palette is confusing.”

“You need a singular vision.”

“What are you trying to say here?”


The actual messages from my critic vary, but the effect is the same. Dead halt. Analysis Paralysis. Don’t make a mistake. Use your analytical skills. Don’t be so emotional. It is being intellectual about something that is intuitive and warm. I am really starting to think that I should leave grouping of images for a show to someone else. It is a different part of the brain at work for this.

Note to readers: I wrote this a few months ago and subsequently I had someone else group the pictures for me, then I rearranged it to my taste. It broke my paralysis. The next show after that, I didn’t have any problem getting a second opinion.