About Me

I love photographing the unexpected beauty waiting to be found in ordinary, everyday things. I use the camera to abstract subjects from their familiar settings and to emphasize the shapes, textures, patterns, and colors that interest me. By exploring only a portion of detail of an object taken out of its larger context, I can see it from a fresh perspective without preconceptions about a subject’s nature and the resulting image.

I have little interest in documenting history, telling a story, or trying to send a social message through my art. I’m simply interested in exploring the luminous beauty of our world, in connecting more deeply with it, and in sharing that beauty and connection with these images.

With most of my pictures, I am expressing joy, emotional connection to color, curiosity, and a bit of playfulness. It’s pretty personal when I think about it. I hope my photographs speak to others’ souls as clearly as they speak to mine.

~Anne Miller

Self-Portrait Traincar


Born in Los Angeles, Anne Miller moved to a small farm town in rural Iowa at the age of nine. The move sparked a lifelong interest in nature and the elements. After studying art and music in college, Miller taught music briefly at the University of California in Davis and played flute in the Tobrini Woodwind Quintet and as a soloist before becoming a software engineer.

As a photographer, Miller is largely self-taught, having started by shooting 35mm film and learning traditional printing methods in a home darkroom made from a converted bathroom. The development of increasingly powerful digital tools has led her to combining her interests in computing and photography. She now works exclusively with digital cameras and uses a variety of image editing software tools to realize her evolving artistic vision. Although influenced by numerous artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O’Keefe, Edward Weston, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Wayne Thiebaud, Imogen Cunningham, and Lee Friedlander, Miller’s imagination and powers of observation are the strongest influences on her work. Photography is a means for her to explore and to share her view of the overlooked beauty and mystery that usually go unnoticed in our everyday world.

Anne Miller’s photographs have been featured in several exhibits in the Sacramento area. Her work can be seen at The Artery in Davis, California and at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, CA.

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